Updates and news CONRATULATIONS TO DCT RACING! Recap of the final round of the AMX e-Sports Championship.

1 Nov 2021
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- Unpredictable racing that had viewers on the edge of their seats

- DCT RACING wins overall ...turning the tables on sister team DCT ERACING to be crowned the first champion of the AMX ESPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP.

The final round of the AMX ESPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP presented by Kolon Motors, the largest sim racing competition in Korea, ended on October 28th with a favorable response from a huge online audiences.

The AMX e-Sports Championship presented by Kolon Motors, Korea's top e-sports racing competition co-hosted by Automanix (CEO John Lee) and the Afreeca Colosseum (CEO Chae Jung-won), was designed to grow into a competition representing motorsports of Asia. The new series started with a goal to strengthen the foundation of domestic motorsports and take the lead in popularizing and developing motorsports within Korea.

The Championship Final Rounds (Round 13-18), which attracted more interest and attention due to its variety of racing environments such as racing time and circuit styles, added even more excitement to the viewer’s high expectations due to its dramatic change in rankings during each round.

The AMX ESPORTS Championship finale was held on the 27th and 28th with a total of six rounds (three rounds per day) consisting of a solo race, a two-driver team race, and a three-driver team race. Every round was thrilling due to the consistently changing rankings.

On the first day, the DCT ERACING team ranked first overall before the offline competition, but it was lost the lead to the DCTERACING team, finishing with 56 points from the day, 30 points for DCT ERACING, and 29 points for the ATLASBX E-SPORTS TEAM. On the second and last day of the championship, the DCT ERACING team sought to recapture the top spot by scoring the maximum 35 points in the three-driver team race, but ended the season in second place due to the mistakes made on the first day. As fierce as the competition for first and second, the fight to reach second overall from ATLASBX E-SPORTS TEAM was also exciting. In the end, ATLASBX finished third, but the point difference from second place was only by five points.

The final results of the 2nd day are as follows:

For the 16th round, which was a solo race competed by one driver chosen teams, Gyumin Kim of DCT ERACING finished first, and YoungChan Kim of DCT RACING ranked second, JaeHyeok Lim of the ATLASBX E-SPORTS team ranked third.

In the 17th round, the two-driver team rac, YoungChan Kim and ChiHyeong Park of DCT RACING took first place, YoungTak Lee and JungWoo Lee of Team BTC took secon, JaeBin Lee and JoonWon Choi of REDCON Motorsports took third.

In the ensuing 18th round, the 3-driver team race, Yunho Park, Lovely Chacha, and Gyumin Kim of DCT ERACING topped the list, JaeHyeok Lim, RyuSeok, and JongGyum Kim of ATLASBX E-SPORTS TEAM ranked second, and JaeBin Lee, HoChul Shin and JoonWon Choi of REDCON Motorsport ranked third.

DCT RACING won 104 points from the two days, rising to the top with a total of 278 points, beating the pursuit and pressure from DCT ERACING and ATLASBX E-SPORTS TEAM to become the first champion of the AMX ESPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP.

The DCT RACING team, which topped the list with a total prize of 1 bitcoin (around 74,000,000 won during the finale), will receive 0.4 BTC, the second-ranked DCT ERACING team 0.2 BTC, and the third-ranked ATLASBX E-SPORTS TEAM will receive 0.1 BTC, and the rest of the prize money will be paid appropriate to rank all the way down to 20th.

In addition to the Championship’s award ceremony, the Junior Cup finalists, with their final being held on October 21, with the top influencers, chosen through social media, were also awarded.

The winner of the Junior Cup was Yunho Park (Semyeong High School), while second-place HeeJung An (Unyang High School) and third-place WooJin Shin (Pangyo High School) celebrated together on the podium. The finalists received scholarships of 2 million KRW, 1 million KRW, and 500,000 KRW, respectively.

The results of the influencer fan points were No. 1 SungRo Yun (TEAM BTC), No. 2 RyuSeok (ATLAS BX E-SPORTS Team), No. 3 Garod (PSR), No. 4 LovelyChaCha (DCTERACING), and No. 5 Hitzi (NJC). Sungro Yun (TEAM BTC), who topped the list, won an additional 10 million KRW in prize money as well as an invitation to the Michelin Passion Experience (worth another 10 million KRW) that promotes travel, gourmet, motorsports and mobility. In addition, prize money of 5 million KRW for second place, 3 million KRW for third place, 2 million KRW for fourth place, and 1 million KRW for fifth place were paid out, respectively.

The AMX ESPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP was sponsored by title sponsor Kolon Motors, as well as top automobile, IT, clothing, and beverage companies, including Upbit, Michelin Korea, Midas Partners Group, Logitech G, BenQ, Mossland, Next Level Racing, Carround, Stiz, Snapple, and Fraser Coffee. In addition, a match prediction event was held jointly with Mossland and prize money worth 5.35 million KRW were awarded to participating viewers.

John Lee, CEO of Automanix, stated, "Congratulations on the DCT RACING team's overall victory. In terms of technology and operations, everything proceeded as if it was real racing which attracted the audience's attention by increasing immersion. I would like to express my gratitude to all the drivers who have worked harder than anyone and the audience for watching the races even through the COVID-19 postponement. We will continue to strengthen the foundation and popularity for domestic motorsports and also take the lead in the development that goes behind it." he said, expressing his feelings about the completion of the first season.


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